"Bronzing my bod with Gold Rush Tan has made me look and feel better! I feel so comfortable in front of Marina and she gives me a perfectly even tan every time. The color looks so natural that people often ask me if I just got back from vacation. The fact that this service is “mobile” is the icing on the cake for me because I tend to have a busy schedule."

G. McGee
Tiburon, CA

"I have been tanning with the bronze goddess for about a year now.  I have extremely sensitive skin and break out in a rash when I’m in the sun, so Gold Rush Tan has proven to be a fabulous, healthy alternative to a natural, golden tan. I love that she does house calls, she's very quick and makes me feel so comfortable and when she's done I feel like a new person with my beautiful even tan! I am also very sensitive to perfumes: Gold Rush Tan has very little scent, if any at all, and my skin has the perfect "just got back from Mexico" glow that lasts over a week."

C. Featherstone
San Anselmo, CA

"From someone who has tried everything from tanning lotions to sun beds to spray booths, Gold Rush tanning service sets the bar for convenience and awesome results.  Marina makes the experience fun, private, relaxed, and quick!  She makes sure that you get an even application and there is no chemical scent.  The color is great and looks like a natural, gorgeous tan- but without any sun damage, which I can do without!"

S.J. Hayden
Larkspur, CA

"I’m so excited to have mobile tanning in Marin!  This has been a great option for me because I have two kids and scheduling a spa appointment has proven to be time consuming with less spectacular results. In addition to being mobile and convenient, there is a “comfort factor” with Gold Rush Tan that I appreciate.  Sometimes my friends and I tan at the same time and get the “group rate” – you can’t beat it!"

R. Shepard
Ross, CA

"After getting airbrushed with a sunkissed bronze by Marina, I felt 10 pounds lighter the next day. Seriously what a little color can do for a gal is amazing, not to mention it is completely safe and looks like a natural tan from the sun.

-K. Appelbaum
Canvas in Mill Valley

Advantages of Airbrush Tanning:
Unlike tanning in the sun, spray tanning is a quick, UV-Free, healthy, and safe way to get a healthy glow withouth damaging your skin.  
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